Film BAUHAUS SPIRIT: 100 Years of Bauhaus

A collage of colours, geometrical figures, and cropped out portraits of the most prominent students of the Bauhaus ©Filmtank

Thu, 16.01.2020

Ayr Film Society

Ayr Town Hall
New Bridge Street
KA7 1JX Ayr

Director: Niels Bolbrinker, Thomas Tielsch, colour, 90 min., 2017/18

BAUHAUS SPIRIT – 100 YEARS OF BAUHAUS is an eye-opener that takes a look at far more than just construction history. It presents a cultural history of modern spatial thinking that is as enthralling as it is enlightening. BAUHAUS SPIRIT – 100 YEARS OF BAUHAUS takes us on an amazing and delightful stroll amidst the spaces and environments of Modernism — a stroll that makes sure that henceforth all shapes and forms are viewed through completely different eyes.

Almost one hundred years ago, a radical artistic utopia was born in the tranquil city of Weimar: the Bauhaus. Its effects still shape our world today.

From the outset, the architects and artists of the Bauhaus – including Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee – asked: What, "live together"? What does "live together" mean? How can spaces be designed so that all people can share a communal social life?

With Bauhaus, art, design and architecture became political. The result was a form of applied arts that was just as willing to think about the ideal distance between the bathtub and toilet as about the ideal chair. Bauhaus as a social utopia is the starting point whence the film surveys the movement's evolution, transformation, and power to inspire over the course of the last hundred years.

How can the ideas of Bauhaus respond to the challenges of global capitalism and its catalytic influence on housing markets?

Event Series: Fokus - Films from Germany 2019/20