Book Club Meeting Daniela Krien: Love in Five Acts

Daniela Krien: Love in Five Acts © Diogenes Verlag

Tue, 04.05.2021


Interested in German books? Join us online for a discussion about the novel 'Love in Five Acts' by Daniela Krien. New members welcome!


At the beginning of the book a child dies and at the end one is born. A wide-ranging and emotionally challenging plot between deep sorrow and a hopeful new beginning:
Daniela Krien demands quite a lot of her five women who are the focus of Die Liebe im Ernstfall (i.e. love in case of emergency) and whose fates she links. Paula, Judith, Brida, Malika and Jorinde, in their search for love and happiness in life and for their place in the bourgeois-culturally well situated Leipzig of the post-reunification period, leave scarcely any stone unturned, particularly not where adventures with a promiscuous touch are concerned. But at the same time they must suffer numerous disappointments and setbacks. And they need more than a little resilience to keep their heads up.

Extract in German: Die Liebe im Ernstfall


Daniela Krien, born in Neu-Kaliß, East Germany, in 1975, studied communication, media, and cultural studies in Leipzig. Since 2010 she has been a freelance writer. Her debut novel Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything has been translated into 15 languages. Daniela Krien lives in Leipzig with her two daughters.


Everyone who wants to read and discover German books and share their reading experience with others is welcome. The conversation will be in German. All participants should have sufficient language skills to read and discuss in German.

Participation is free of charge.


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