Introductory Talk / Tour Making “Windflower”

street scene with planters © Luke O'Donovan

Sat, 09.10.2021

Goethe-Institut London

For their installation “Windflower” on Exhibition Road, Urban Radicals designers Athanasios Varnavas and Era Savvides together with Adam Harris have transformed a wind turbine blade that had come to the end of its life into a beautiful ensemble of planters. This session provides an opportunity to hear from the designers themselves how they came to make “Windflower” and what the ideas are behind it.

Participation is free, but registration is essential.

Two talks are on offer:
Saturday 09.10.2021, 11–11.30am
Saturday 09.10.2021, 2.30–3pm

Please note that if you have registered for the workshop “Create your own 'Windflower' ” at 11am, you do not need to register for this event.

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