is an art historian, curator, researcher and head of the Department of Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg. She also teaches history of art, fashion and design at several universities and academies of art. She was curator of various international and interdisciplinary exhibitions, among them Unresolved Matters: Social Utopias Revisited (2009) at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, and of symposiums such as Social Design: History, Practice, Perspectives (2014) at the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg. For this museum she also compiled the new, permanent exhibition about design from 1850 to the present. She is the co-editor and author of Dressed. Art en Vogue.

is a researcher, art practitioner, and academic. She studied textile craft design (Institut Teknologi Bandung) and business (Sydney Business School). She completed her PhD in Visual Art Creative Practice at the University of Wollongong in Australia. With this background, many cross-disciplines opportunities opened up for her, such as being co-curator of Fiberface - Resonance Exhibition, design consultant at Indonesia Design Development Centre, facilitator at Indonesia Export Training Centre and contributor to the book Ethnic Dress in the United States. Aprina established the Indonesia Contemporary Fiber Art Movement (2015) to accommodate contemporary fiber art practice in Indonesia.
is an artist, crafter and curator who lives in Jakarta. Mostly known for her collage and creative workshops, Ika believes that fashion, just like art, is part of our daily lives. IKAT/eCUT is Ika’s second curating project on fashion, where she curated a group exhibition on experimental fashion for Indonesia Contemporary Art & Design (2016) at Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta.


Project Director:
Anna Maria Strauß

Project Coordinator:

Public Relations:
Ulrike Klose

VERIANA Devi, Wilton Djaya, Yanti Soerjana

Social Media:
Shera Rindra, Reza Zefanya, WILton Djaya, dinyah latuconsina

Groupe Dejour

Exhibition Design:

Gugi Gumilang, Nurlaili
Fast Fashion Exhibition Handling & Contruction: Serrum
Slow Fashion Lab Exhibition Handling & Construction: This//PLAY

Textile Residency:
Dinyah Latuconsina

Slow Fashion Lab Tour:
Siti Nur Fauziana

Translator & Proofreading:
Nadia, Katrin Figge

Exhibition Sitters Coordinator:
Fabian Fischer

Exhibition Sitters:
Dara Rahmat, Dayna Fitria, Deya Ayu, Hana Monika, Iffah Nur, Louisiana Wattimena, Nurul Komala, Riki Sugianto, Roma Nainggolan