IKAT/eCUT © Goethe-Institut


IKAT/eCUT is a Goethe-Institut project exploring the past, present and future of textiles in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (and Germany). In different sub-projects it is looking at the cultural potency of textiles in many different fields – from the arts to design, from tradition to technology.

Core threads of the overall project are:

  • Green Cycles | A symposium presenting ideas for a more sustainable textile production. In cooperation with the University of Applied Arts in Hamburg (Bangkok, 2016)
  • Future Fashion | An intensive workshop and presentation of designed fashion products that use contemporary technologies. In cooperation with Berlin fashion tech brand ElektroCouture (Participants from Southeast Asia; workshop and presentation in Bangkok, 2016) 
  • Fast Fashion | Exhibition on the impacts of mass production of fashion and presentation of sustainable alternatives by the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg. (2016: Manila, 2017: Jakarta, Melbourne)
  • Textile Residencies | Workshops and production residencies bringing together German designers with Southeast Asian producers to learn from each other and establish lasting relationships. In cooperation with sustainable design brands Folkdays and beAble (Southeast Asia, 2017)
  • Textile Art | Online-video series introducing artists, designers and makers in Germany who work mainly with textiles in cooperation with textile designer Sandra Schollmeyer and artist-filmmaker Katharina Duve (2017)