Slow Fashion LAB
Slow Fashion LAB

IKAT/eCUT_Slow Fashion LAB © Goethe-Institut/Sandra Schollmeyer

The Slow Fashion Lab, attached to the exhibition Fast Fashion, focuses on a more positive approach to the topic of fashion and sustainability, inspiring visitors to take concrete action towards a more sustainable way of dealing with clothes and textiles. It presents examples of sustainable fashion, traditional and local practices from Indonesia that are attentive of the people and environment involved. Visitors to the Slow Fashion Lab are invited to feel, see and learn about sustainable alternatives to fast fashion and engage in DIY-culture.

The Curatorial Statement - Aprina Murwanti
This laboratory offers different perspectives on the way crafters, designers and researchers approach the slow fashion philosophy in Indonesia. Utilizing the perspective of seeing a laboratory as a place to seek knowledge, the Slow Fashion Lab offers insights into diversity in investigation, exploration and experimentation...


The Slow Fashion Lab is an integral part of the Fast Fashion exhibition and is individually curated in each country of the Fast Fashion tour. The participants of the Slow Fashion Lab are (in alphabetical order):