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Conference Series 2019 - 2020
Digital Discourses


Fake news, black campaigns, online radicalization, hate speech, content filters: nearly every society in the world has experienced the negative side effects of our hyper-connected, digital communication systems.

About the Conference


Conference 2020 - SAVE THE DATE!

20–21 March 2020 | GoetheHaus Menteng

Privacy in the Age of Data Capitalism
Large areas of our lives are exposed and captured in the digital data trails we leave online. Who tracks them and how are they monetized? What is this data worth? Are we getting a raw deal when we trade our data for free digital services and the conveniences of the internet? Or are we better off if we embrace a post-privacy world?
In the next instalment of the conference series “Digital Discourses”, experts from Southeast Asia and Europe will discuss data privacy from a societal, economic and political perspective.

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