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Helsinki, Finnland
Helsinki School of Natural Sciences

Education is not only knowledge, education is not only a skill. In the higher-level science classes of our grammar school in Helsinki, education is also intellectual curiosity, ethnic conscience, the skill to see the essential and the will to act

The science classes of our school offer general education as well as natural sciences. The school has over 800 pupils, of which one third attends the natural sciences programme, and two thirds attend the general education program. Our school is specialized in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and geography. These classes are open for everyone to attend. The other subjects, too, are very diverse. This is why it is possible for the pupils to develop their skills by concentrating on the subjects of their choice.
In Finland, we have many forests, which cover three quarters of the country. Our school is very environmentally friendly and there are many classes concerning nature and the environment, such as climate change.