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Rhauderfehn, Germany
Gymnasium Rhauderfehn

#FutureNow – Schulen für Nachhaltigkeit - Rhaudernfels

Our school's motto is “Slowly and quietly - peacefully and friendly // Coming together is a start - Solidarity is progress - Collaboration is success // To promote and support knowledge - to enhance culture - to create opportunities//.”. Following our motto, our highly motivated team of 25 students is looking forward to meeting new friends, working with the English language and to work on an international project about sustainability.


The Albrecht-Weinberg-Gymnasium is a secondary school in Lower Saxony, in the beautiful area of East Frisia. We currently teach about 800 students and offer to take part in projects for sustainability such as some “AGs” (extracurriculars) or the Team for Future. Our team participating in #FuturNow consists of students aged between 11 and 16. We want to focus on the topics "life below water" and "life on land" and are excited to work on the same or similar European projects with our partners in Sligo, Ireland, thanks to a similarity in the geographical environment in Rhauderfehn and Sligo.