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Bielefeld, Germany
Oberstufen-Kolleg Bielefeld

#FutureNow – Schulen für Nachhaltigkeit - Bielefeld

Some years ago a group of 4-6 teachers (Science, English and Ethics) started working on a „Education for Sustainable Development“ (ESD) – Profile at our Pre-University College in Bielefeld, just next door to the Bielefeld University Campus.

One core element of this ESD-Profile are applied reforestation projects, i.e. in the Scotish Highlands as well as in the local area around Bielefeld or in other regions in Germany. That‘s the background for our engagement in the #FuturNow- initiative to establish a Finish-German school partnership as a starter for a brouder schools network with the core topic:

„Future Forests Future in Europe -What can we do now!“.