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Oschatz, Germany
Thomas Mann Gymnasium

Thomas Mann Schule in Oschatz
© Goethe-Institut

The Thomas Mann Gymnasium is a German grammar school situated between Leipzig and Dresden in the east of Germany. We are extremely pleased to have the chance to make new contacts as part of the Future Now project. As part of the 8th class profile course on climate change and sustainability our team of students is looking forward to getting to grips with the sustainable development goals and exchanging ideas with the Paisley Grammar School in Scotland.

We are currently in the process of becoming a „Klimaschule“ or climate school and as part of this we have introduced three new courses for our science profile in the 8th grade: climate change, sustainability and sustainable and healthy eating. As part of these courses it is vital that pupils have the opportunity to widen their horizons and critically reflect on their own consumer behaviour. The Future Now project gives us this chance and pupils are able to exchange ideas about sustainability beyond the borders of Germany and overcome cultural and language barriers whilst doing so. This also fits in with our TMG school motto „Tolerant, Miteinander, Gestalten“, which means developing things together and being tolerant and accepting of others.
In this school year (2021) eight pupils from our school have taken part in the project and exchanged letters with our partner school in Paisley, Scotland.