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Culham, United Kingdom
Europa School UK

#FutureNow – Schulen für Nachhaltigkeit

We rejoice in difference, celebrating our multicultural and multilingual community and therefore welcome the collaboration with our German partner school in Wuppertal. We believe that in combining our cultures we will become stronger as a whole in tackling the obstacles our generation faces. 

“The Europa School UK is unique, a place of welcome, a school which is both a UK state school and an accredited European School.
On one beautiful site, our pupils can follow our European curriculum from age 4 to 18, culminating in the highly respected European Baccalaureate.
In Primary, half the week is taught through English and half taught through French, German or Spanish. At home, the pupils might speak English or any of roughly twenty other languages present in our community, united by the school but spread throughout Oxfordshire. It is not unknown for a child in Reception to be using four languages between school and home – and it works, not least because our dedicated staff have the experience and application needed to make it work.
In Secondary, History and Geography are studied in a second language, ensuring a deep academic and empathetic engagement with our multicultural approach. Our pupils are confident in their own roots and confident to broaden their horizons.”
Our highly motivated S4D DeuL2 class that is equivalent to a year 10 in Germany will be taking part in the #FutureNow project. The pupils are learning German as their second language (Deutsch L2). Some of the pupils are bilingual, some have been learning German since joining the school in reception class and some took up German when they joined the school later either in primary or secondary school.