Exhibition and Event Series THE GLENKEEN VARIATIONS

Plants, biometric formulas and the title The Glenkeen Variations on a yellow background © U9

Thu, 07.03.2024 -
Sat, 07.12.2024

Goethe-Institut Irland

Glenkeen Garden Artists-in-Residence

As part of the Crespo Foundation's exhibition and event series The Glenkeen Variations, the Goethe-Institut will host three month-long exhibitions of Glenkeen Garden Artists-in-Residence in 2024:

Disquieting Frequencies
Moritz Fehr and Marcus Maeder
08 March - 06 April 2024

Composing Landscapes
Markus Huemer, Christiana Chiranagnostaki and Konstanza Kapsali, Tania Rubio
08 May - 08 June 2024

With Or Without You 
Kristin Reiman and Filippa Pettersson, Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler
08 November - 07 December 2024

Glenkeen Garden is a large estate spanning 10 hectares located in Roaringwater Bay in West Cork, Ireland’s south coast. The garden was created by Ulrike Crespo (1950-2019), founder of the Crespo Foundation, and her partner Michael Satke over a period of 20 years. The garden is an inspiration for creativity and was also a significant source of influence for Ulrike Crespo’s photographic experiments and series. The garden features sculptures by renowned artists, such as Peter Kogler, Gunter Damisch, Arie van Selm, David Nash, Gregor Eichinger, Laura Ford and Ulrich Rückriem. Piet Oudolf, who also designed New York’s High Line, designed the central grass meadow. There are designated viewpoints within the garden that provide stunning views of the landscape and beyond. Nearby, the “rough lands” are an untouched area owned by the Crespo Foundation, which has never been cultivated or farmed and was acquired by Ulrike Crespo to preserve its natural state.

Upon stepping into Glenkeen Garden, the initial impact is predominantly a visual one. The captivating interplay of colours and shapes beckons the eyes, enticing them to roam from side to side, attempting to encapsulate the sheer magnitude of its beauty. Carefully crafted over two decades by photographer, psychologist and philanthropist Ulrike Crespo this garden, nestled on the shores of Roaringwater Bay in West Cork, has welcomed artists since 2021 for an artist-in-residence programme, facilitated by the Crespo Foundation. 

Under the title ArtNature/NatureArt, the garden has been a temporary home for artists working across various media, immersing themselves in this distinctive environment and the unique and welcoming social tapestry of West Cork. A specific emphasis is placed on scientific collaboration, facilitated in cooperation with the Environmental Research Institute at the University College Cork (UCC) and the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt am Main.

The Glenkeen Variations is an exhibition and event series focused on the artists’ return to Ireland. Across events at the Goethe-Institut in Dublin, the UCC’s Glucksman, and the Working Artist Studios in Ballydehob, the former residents present their work to a broader audience and continue their discussions with research and community partners.

The exhibition and event series is curated by Ben Livne Weitzman.

The Crespo Foundation is based in Frankfurt am Main. This organization champions the cause of arts and provides unwavering support to artists and arts institutions while undertaking several operational initiatives in the spheres of education and social welfare. The residency in Glenkeen Garden, in keeping with Ulrike Crespo’s vision, was set up as a place for artists to ruminate, reflect and create.

Presented by the Crespo Foundation and the Goethe-Institut Irland.