In Bangalore
We offer a 50% scholarship to the best student in the A2 and B1 levels each.

In Germany
We offer scholarships to two students every year for scoring the highest marks in the B2 or C1 level exams to attend an online course with a Goethe-Institut in Germany.

Scholarships 2019 - 2020

Every year the Goethe-Institut Bangalore selects two students based on their superlative performance at the levels B2 and C1 and awards them a scholarship for taking part in a language course at a Goethe-Institut in Germany.

Flight tickets, accommodation, course fee as well as living expenses, medical and accidental insurance and liability insurance (including costs for the return transport in case of a medical emergency) are taken care of by the institute for the whole duration of the course.

The scholarship candidates for this year are:

Ms. Sangeetha Banahatty Krishnan (B2) and Ms. Susan Joseph (C1)


Personal Experiences

I have been learning German as a foreign language for the past three years at Goethe Institute. During my school days we had German language as one of our subjects as part of our extra curricular activities. My interactions with German colleagues in my professional life rekindled the interest in the language and I decided to enroll myself in a language course at the Institute.

In May this year the institute gave me an opportunity to attend a 4 week C2 course in Göttingen, Germany. The Institute took care of all the nitty gritties and the course itself was a mixture learning and preparation for the upcoming C2 examination. The extensive cultural activities organized by the Institute like sight seeing, grilling, films etc helped the students to bond with / understand each other and also understand the local culture.It was definitely an experience of a life time and all credit to Goethe Institute for making this possible. I would like to thank the Goethe Institute for extending continuous support and giving me the opportunity.   

My first contact with the German language was when I moved with my husband to Stuttgart for a year in 2002.Although I started learning German more for daily interactions,I found the language enticing from the very first day.And before I realized,2 levels(then G1 and G2)were behind me. We got a second opportunity in 2011 to move to Germany,again to Stuttgart but this time for 3 years.The gap had not in any way lessened my interest and enthusiasm for German and I finished my B1 level in Stuttgart.I was keen to continue learning and Goethe-Institut,Bangalore with it’s excellent teachers and a wonderfully equipped library made it possible for me to pursue and complete the B2 level.
When the institute informed me that I would be offered  a fully paid scholarship to do a  4-week C1 course in Germany ,it was an unbelievably pleasant surprise!The  process and formalities  were handled efficiently by the staff at Goethe Institute Bangalore and I attended a 4-week C1 course at Goethe-Institute  Bonn in April this year.
The entire team at GI,Bonn was extremely friendly and welcoming.They were very helpful and took care of everything possible.They had arranged for my stay there in a fully equipped apartment with a very friendly family ,who made  me feel instantly at home,and helped me throughout my stay there.My teacher there ,Udo Steves,too was extraordinary,both as a teacher and as a person.His classes were so interesting,interactive and fun filled,with discussions about the latest happenings,that not a single student in the class would realize how quickly time flew.The experience of learning amidst students from different parts of the world is in itself enriching.
The institute would also arrange for month- specific cultural and recreational programmes like day or night city guided tours,visit to neighbouring cities,sports activities,visits to cafes and other attractions.This gives students lots of opportunities to learn about Germany,it’s people,food and culture.I was lucky to be able to see the famous ‘Heerstraße’ with it’s cherry blossom trees in full bloom.
In all,this scholarship gave me a wide new experience of living and learning in Germany on my own for a month ,and has in the process taught me a lot and earned me some friends for life.I will be forever grateful to Goethe Institute for this opportunity.