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#unprejudiced ist ein Trainings- und Netzwerkprogramm, das junge Medienschaffende aus den Ländern der Östlichen Partnerschaft (EaP: Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Georgien, Moldawien, Ukraine), Deutschland und Russland miteinander verbindet.

Unprejudiced - Making Of 2021-2022


Workshop Chișinău, September 2022



mittwoch, 28.09, Queer Cafe

Workshop: LGBT & sensitive writing mit Andreea Pietroșel
Treffen mit Mar Munteanu (Queer Cafe) und Vasile Micleușanu (BangBang!)  

Debatte: Creating Safer Spaces for Diversity in Media and Culture
moderiert von Corina Boaghe 
mit Dr. Joachim Umlauf, Rusanda Alexandru Curcă und Olga Gnatcova
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donnerstag, 29.09, Moldova pentru Pace

Workshop: Telling stories through sensitive images mit Ioana Moldovan
Treffen mit Steliana Rudco (Moldova pentru Pace)

Führung durch Chisinau mit Maria Axenti
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Freitag, 30.09, Queer Cafe

Workshop: Roma & sensitive writing mit Ana Maria Ciobanu
Treffen mit Elena Sîrbu (Petalo Romano, Moldova 1, Roma Women - Platform ROMNI) 

samstag, 01.10, Hîrtop

Besuchen von kulturellen und 
Besichtigung kultureller und zivilgesellschaftlicher Projekte in Hîrtop
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--- only English version available ---

In May 2022, the #Unprejudiced participants were finally able to meet for the first time in person, after a year of online workshops.
The group reunited in Berlin for an intense press trip, organized by Goethe-Institut in partnership with Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb). Excited to see each other beyond the screens, the participants made the most of the 4 workshop days – here are just some of their impressions:

Alina Maria Ţurcanu, Moldova:

I feel like I've grown enormously these past few days, and I'm so glas I had such a great chance to meet some amazing people I'm sure I'll keep in touch with in the future and we'll work together. I went home contemplating everything I learned these days and how much my perspective on journalism and everything tha is happening in the world has changed. 

Iryna S., Ukraine:

We talked a lot about the war in Ukraine, and it was very important for me to hear how the war is covered in their countries, what questions have not been answered yet in media. It was also interesting to talk to participants from Russia, share experiences and discuss deep processes in our societies. It gave a lot of food for thought.

Karine M., Russia:

What I found unique about the program is that it brought together people from all sides of conflicting regions, be it Russia and Ukraine, or Georgia and Russia, or Armenia and Azerbaijan. Perhaps the discussions I had with my Ukrainian colleagues were one of the first and rare instances of what could hopefully become a part of future dialogue between the countries after the war ends.

Ana Kikaleishvili, Georgia:

The discussions about disinformation, fake news, and the psychology of propaganda were among my favourites. One of the most exciting components of this event was meeting the participants. I ended up meeting a lot of amazing people and learning a lot from them.

Ismayil Fataliyev, Azerbaijan:

The informal meeting with all the participants after the sessions were my favourite part of the program!

Aren Melikyan, Armenia:

Meeting the group in person was an amazing experience and very important to me after the series of online meetings. The discussions on and off the panels were engaging and I had a chance to make friendships with some of them, as well as important professional contacts that we will hopefully use for further cross-border collaboration.

Tobias Wurzel, Germany:

I was impressed by the mutual respect and interest for each other. Although the background of each participant differed a lot, it worked out perfectly and we had or developed a common mindset. It was a truly international experience!

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The "Unprejudiced" project is realized with the support of the Eastern Partnership Programme and the German Federal Foreign Office in January 2022.

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Mentor*innen 2021


Koordination: Natalia Andronachi (Goethe-Institut)
Assistenz: Maria Tudosescu (Goethe-Institut)


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