Science Film Festival


Title: Bugs – Nature's Little Superheroes

Director: Björn Platz
Produced by: a & o buero filmproduktion
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Running Time: 52 Minutes

Winner 2017: Bugs – Nature's Little Superheroes

“Bugs – Nature's Little Superheroes” follows the steps scientists take to understand designs in nature and how they apply them to real-world situations with ecological considerations. It shows how nature finds ingenious solutions to problems that work with their environment and not against it and how we may learn and benefit from such a philosophy. This film raises awareness about the very important mechanisms insects have used to survive. What makes this film unique is that it shows how Scientists are developing technology to solve human problems, based on their studies of insects. After watching this film, you will agree that bugs are real superheroes and our survival depends on developing our understanding of their lives!