Science Film Festival


The Science Film Festival has closed its submission period for 2014. We thank all filmmakers, broadcasters and producers who entered their films. In total the festival received 277 films from 50 countries. We are extremely grateful for this enthusiastic participation!

The event takes place internationally from October 13 to December 14 in the following countries in Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East: Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Palestinian Territories, the Philippines, Sudan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. The dates within that period for the participating countries will be announced in May.

The pre-jury selection for the films will take place in each host country with a committee of national science education experts, as well as film and television professionals. All filmmakers, broadcasters and producers who sent in entries will be notified of the results in July. The official selection for all festival countries will be announced on this website in August.

We hope you join us in looking forward to another exciting year of celebrating science communication at the Science Film Festival and exploring themes in Future Technologies and many other fields of contemporary science.

    Award-winning Films 2013

    • The Visual Effects Award 2012
      The Visual Effects Award
      You, Planet
    • Education Award 2012
      The Education Award
      I Got It! – Mr. Poops & I
    • The Ecofilmprize 2012
      The Ecofilmprize
      Catalyst – Plastic Oceans
    • The Discovery Award 2012
      The Discovery Award
      Resurrection Science
    • The Science Life Award 2012
      The Science Life Award
      Genius of Nature – Sensing
    • The Prize of the Jury 2012
      The Prize of the Jury
      The World
      The Festival
      Countries and Programme