Science Film Festival


The Science Film Festival reached over one million visitors for the first time in 2017 and continues to be the largest event of its kind worldwide. The award winners in the six categories of the Science Film Festival 2017 are announced on our website here. We congratulate the winners and thank all filmmakers and producers for their entries and participation.

In 2018, the Science Film Festival takes place internationally in over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa from October 01 to December 23. The festival invites visitors to enjoy the best in international science communication and to explore this year’s theme of meeting the demands of a fast growing global population as one of the key challenges of this century. When we think about threats to the environment, we tend to picture cars and sprawling cities, not the food on our tables. But the truth is our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet and so the Science Film Festival highlights THE FOOD REVOLUTION as focus topic in 2018.

We look forward to accepting submissions on this and any other science and technology related topics through our online application form until March 23, 2018.

Image Map
    © NHK, Natural History New Zealand Limited und CCTV9 in Kooperation mit ARTE für Science Channel

    Award Winners Films 2017

    • © Les- Films I'ici Hey Jude Productions
      Visual Effects & Cinematography Award
      Amos, The Impossible Shot
    • © NTR
      IPST Education Award
      Full Proof – Salt
    • © a & o buero filmproduktion
      Bugs – Nature's Little Superheroes
    • © NOVA Production
      Discovery Award
      Iceman Reborn
    • © NHK
      Technology Award
      Evolving AI: Blessing or Curse?
      Prize of the Jury
      Dynamic Salt
      The Festival
      Countries and Programme