Science Film Festival


The Science Film Festival received 200 films from 34 countries. We thank participating filmmakers and producers from around the world for their submissions and interest in the festival. With nearly one million visitors, it is the most extensive science event of its kind and one of the biggest film festivals worldwide in terms of audience.

In 2017, the Science Film Festival takes place internationally in numerous countries in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa from October 06 to December 18 and invites visitors to enjoy the best in international science communication and to explore this year’s theme of highlighting the human imprint on the planet, which is so deep and pervasive that scientists and policymakers are considering whether human-caused changes are affecting the geological record over the long term – whether we are, in fact, living in a new geological era called the ANTHROPOCENE.

Over the coming months, over 40 pre-jury members consisting of experts in scientific fields, education, broadcasting and film making, representing all participating festival countries will decide on the official selection of the Science Film Festival 2017.

The official selection and further information on the festival in participating countries are announced on the website in August.

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    © NHK, Natural History New Zealand Limited und CCTV9 in Kooperation mit ARTE für Science Channel

    Award-winning Films 2016

    • © nautilusfilm GmbH
      The Visual Effects & Cinematography Award
      Wild Germany – The Chiemsee
    • © NTR
      IPST Education Award
      Full Proof – Domes
    • © a & o buero filmproduktion
      The Ecofilmprize
      Rare Earths
    • T© Paul Apsellhe Phoney War of Alan Turing © Valérianne Boué
      The Discovery Award
      The Great Math Mystery
    • © Max Planck Society & Massih Media
      The Technology Award Max-Planck Cinema - Biomaterials
    • © fact+film
      The Prize of the Jury
      The Origami-Code – Scientists Uncover the Power of Folding
      The Festival
      Countries and Programme