Hugh Herr: Biomechatronic Leg Joints

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Hugh Herr: Biomechatronic Leg Joints

Title: Hugh Herr: Biomechatronic Leg Joints
Original Title: Hugh Herr: Bionische Beinprothesen

Director: Anke Rau
Produced by: Bilderfest
Running Time: 8:41 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
University and General Public

Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

Screened In: Vietnam, Gulf, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine

As a teenager, the passionate climber Hugh Herr lost his legs due to a frostbite after having been stuck in a snow storm for several days together with a friend. The American, however, uses his own fate of amputation and develops breakthrough bionic knee and ankle prostheses that imitate natural movements perfectly. The "bionic knees" can allow thousands of leg-amputees to live without mobility constraints. For his development, Herr was nominated for the European Inventor Award 2016 in the "Non-European Countries" category – the European Patent Office's Prize for inventors.