Show with the Mouse – Paper from Elephant Dungen

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Show with the Mouse – Paper from Elephant Dung

Title: Show with the Mouse – Paper from Elephant Dung
Original Title: Sendung mit der Maus – Papier aus Elefantendung

Director: Monika Hulshoff
Produced by: WDR
Running Time: 07:05 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2015

Age Guideline:
Primary School (9-11)

Category: Family Edutainment

Screened In: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Namibia, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India

The fact that wood is used for the production of paper is known. The fact that elephant droppings can also be used for the production sounds strange. This episode of "The Show with the Mouse" is based on a book that shows how the process works – and whether a book made of elephant droppings smells oddly. A reporter tries it out himself and collects elephant droppings at the zoo to produce his own piece of paper in the paper museum.