Ocean Heroines

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Festival Theme 2017: Anthropocene – Welcome to the Human Age

Ocean Heroines

Title: Ocean Heroines

Director: Alexandra Sorgenicht
Produced by: Gruppe5 Filmproduktion, ZDF/ARTE
Running Time: 52 Minutes x 2
Country: Germany
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
Secondary School (12 - 16)

Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

Screened In: The Philippines, Malaysia

The documentary series "Ocean Heroines" portrays six women, who have dedicated themselves to the protection of the world's oceans as outstanding female scientists. In remote and sometimes very wild workplaces around the world, they are concerned with exploring and protecting the important cornerstones of the ecosystem. This includes the White Shark at the top of the food chain as well as tiny phytoplankton, which is the main source of oxygen supply. In between there are huge humpback whales, fragile corals and promising bacteria in the deep sea. Each of these creatures is important to preserve the oceans - and the ocean heroines support this.