What Makes Us Human: Learning from Chimpanzeesen

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What Makes Us Human: Learning from Chimpanzees

Title: What Makes Us Human: Learning from Chimpanzees

Directors: Miho Nakamura
Produced by: NHK in Association with NHK ENTERPRISES and ANC Productions
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Country: Japan
Year: 2016

Age Guideline:
University and General Public

Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

Screened In: Thailand, The Philippines, Sri Lanka

Since 1978, Dr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa from the Institute for Primate Research at Kyoto University has been researching what makes humans different from their next living animal relative, the chimpanzee. Within the framework of the 38-year-old "Ai Project", chimpanzee "Ai" learned concepts and math problems. Astonishingly: Ais son Ayumu could notice many things much faster than humans. That inspired scientist Matsuzawa to find out which skills humans have lost during the course of evolution and which they have developed further. And also whether chimpanzees are helpful to one another or not, if this willingness to help is necessary on the basis of an imaginary situation.