Việt Nam

Vietnam 7th Edition

For the seventh time, the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with THD Edu Solution company brought the Science Film Festival to educators, parents and pupils at opening events in the three big cities of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. There were altogether 131 schools and centers throughout the country, which offered their cooperation for presenting the festival between October 6 and December 7. The presentations and interactive shows were supported by 125 volunteers, who created an exciting atmosphere wherever they showed up and inspired the young audiences through films and experiments. With a selection of 19 films, the Science Film Festival reached 37,502 visitors in Vietnam this year.

This year’s theme “Anthropocene“ generated a great deal of interest among audiences at schools, in particular at private schools. They appreciated the film screenings and activities involving the students and were eager and flexible to integrate films and experiments into their school schedule and to present them on their premises.

The Science Film Festival 2017 was once again a big success in Vietnam. It proves the importance of science classes at schools and adds to the cultural and educational profile of the Goethe-Institut in Vietnam, enhancing its credibility as a partner in promoting science education and innovative learning.



    Giải trí giáo dục gia đình

      Full Proof – Muối

      Primary School (9-11)
      Tiếp ...

      Sinh thái học & Môi trường

        Khoa học Tự nhiên, Khoa học Đời sống & Công nghệ

          Bug Technology en

          Secondary School (12 - 16)
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          Khung xương và Cobot

          Secondary School (12 - 16)
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          Văn hóa & Lịch sử

            Iceman Rebornen

            University and General Public
            Tiếp ...

            Non-Verbal & Science Shorts

              The Pre-Jury

              HOÀNG DƯƠNG


              NGUYỄN QUỲNH TRANG
              Giảng viên – Đại học Sân Khấu Điện Ảnh Hà Nội


              NGUYỄN THỊ TỐ KHUYÊN
              Giáo viên Vật Lý