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Learn German on TikTok and Instagram

"Goetheinstitut.Deutsch" is an offer by the Goethe-Institut for German-learners on TikTok and Instagram. With expert knowledge and humor, our host Alexander explains in short videos what you always wanted to know. With tips, tricks, and explanations, you will steadily improve your knowledge of German and gain insights into what Germany is really like.


Learn German online

24h Deutsch – Learn German with Ida Foto: Kandismedia

Learn German with Ida

Hi! I'm Ida, your German teacher on YouTube. I will help you learn grammar and new words, as well as  give you tips on living in Germany. My videos are easiest to understand if you can already speak some German (best suited to levels A2 to B1) and are completely free.

Deutsch für dich Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

Community: You are not alone!
Deutsch für dich

Learning ist better together: In our online community, you will find more than 200 German exercises for all levels, free of charge – as well as other people to practise with. Meet new people, compare notes and improve your language skills together.

A woman listens to digital media from the Onleihe service and runs past people waiting at the bus stop in the rain. Illustration: Maria Tran Larsen © Goethe-Institut

From audio books to newspapers
Onleihe: The digital library

Learn German? Watch, read and listen to German! Our digital library Onleihe offers access to more than 20,000 German-language media such as e-books, audio books and music, newspapers, magazines and films, free of charge. 

Learning German in a fun way

German trainer A1 Image: © Goethe-Institut

Learning app
German trainer A1

How do I count or tell the time in German? What is this dish called? How do I say please and thank you? This app for level A1 is a great way to start learning German, free of charge. The focus is on listening, reading, writing and learning important first words.

 Image: © Goethe-Institut

Game app
City of words

If you can already speak some German and would like to learn new words in a fun way, download this free game app! It is suitable for levels A1/A2. You’ll learn loads of new vocabulary and be able to compare notes with other players.

Learn more about Germany

The face of a young dark-haired woman can be seen in the sunlight in front of the Brandenburg Gate. © Alina Holtmann / Maridav

Information and tips
Mein Weg nach Deutschland

Are you planning to move to Germany? Then you've come to the right place. Find important information about living and working in Germany – in German (levels A1 to B2) or in a language of your choice – with texts, videos and maps.

German courses for young people

The Goethe-Institut offers youth courses in Germany and Austria, in Hanoi, London, Dublin, New York and many other places around the world.

Two hands holding a globe © Goethe-Institut


Find out in which countries we offer German courses for young learners worldwide. Maybe your next course is just around the corner!

German courses for young people Foto: Getty Images

Germany and Austria

In our Summer Camps in Germany and Austria we prepare you successfully for your studies or your career in a German speaking country. Meet learners from all around the globe!

German courses for adults

Online and face-to-face courses on all levels: Here you will find the right course for you.

Learn German on TikTok and Instagram


Because we believe that learning German and having fun do not have to contradict with themselves, we have developed the "Goetheinstitut.Deutsch" channel.

We provide you with simple explanations for difficult topics, help you with panic backups before the exam and challenge you with pronunciation challenges. It will be instructive, varied and funny.

With Alexander

Alexander Zaß is the host of our channels. He comes from the Rhineland, where he studied linguistics. He has lived in Berlin since 2015 and worked there as a lecturer at one of Berlin's most renowned German schools for several years. Besides the declination of "der, die, das", Alexander is interested in gaming and has been part of the "World of Warcraft" community for over 15 years.

For you

If you're learning German and you're on TikTok or Instagram, this channel is for you. Previous knowledge is an advantage, as Alexander only speaks German to you. The content is aimed at learners between levels A1 and B1.


Would you like to use our TikTok and Instagram Videos while teaching German? We prepared an interactive work sheet with an virtual escape room for you and your students!

Any Questions?

We are happy to answer your questions. The best way to reach us is by e-mail info-hanoi@goethe.de or info-saigon@goethe.de.