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German for Architects


In your everyday working life as an architect, interior designer, civil engineer or architectural draftsman, it is particularly important to express complex issues in simple terms and precisely in German. Every day you conduct various conversations with your colleagues and customers in order to convince with your projects.

In order to expand your knowledge of German, the Goethe-Instituts in Germany offer German courses from level A1 to C2 at 11 locations. We recommend attending a general language course up to level B2 before starting a specialist language course from level C1. In our general language courses, you can choose between an evening, morning, weekend orintensive course. In addition, we offer several online German course formats.

Several times a year, the Goethe-Institut Munich offers a specialist language course German for architects from level C1 in cooperation with the Chamber of Architects. This course includes language lessons with topics and tasks specifically tailored to the communication situations of architects, interior designers, civil engineers and architectural draftsmen. A lecturer from the Chamber of Architects teaches technical topics, including legal matters, customer requests or problems.

Better language skills give you more ...

Further knowledge


Talk to one another


Consolidate grammar


German examinations for Architects

You have the option of taking a German exam on each level. We offer examinations for the levels A1 to C2 on a monthly basis at all Goethe-Instituts in Germany. The Goethe-Institute's examination certificates are valued internationally as proof of qualifications.

If any questions remain, please let us advise you personally.

Individual german course for architects

Choose from our range what best suits your needs. It doesn't matter whether you choose an German intensive course, evening course, online course or individual course. We offer you 70 years of experience in the competent and efficient teaching of German as a foreign language.

Especially in individual courses, your specific needs as an architect, draftsman or engineer can be taken into account. An explicit professional German course for architects makes sense from level B2/C1 onwards. We therefore recommend that up to this level you attend the general language courses.

Our recipe for success: The lessons are based on clear learning goals and focus on your needs. We trust in proven learning methods and at the same time, give important impulses in innovative language teaching so that you can achieve quick success in the language.

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