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German language summer programs in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe © Getty Images

The perfect mix of city and countryside.

Neun Hochschulen, Sitz des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien – das Leben in Karlsruhe ist bunt und aufgeschlossen. Kulturinteressierte kommen also auf ihre Kosten. Und sollten auf keinen Fall den Waldseilpark oder die weitläufigen Sportmöglichkeiten in der Nähe verpassen. Unsere Sprachcamp-Teilnehmer *innen sind in einer Sportschule auf einem Berg über der Stadt untergebracht, es gibt Fitness umsonst zum Sprachkurs dazu.

Youth camps

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Learn German on the Turmberg

The Goethe-Institut summer language camps in Karlsruhe are housed in the sports school of the Baden Soccer Association, which was built on a steep mountain above the Karlsruhe district of Durlach. A tower of an 11th-century castle complex still stands on the hill, giving the Turmberg (tower hill) its name. The city is only a 528-steps-staircase away. To return up the hill, there is the Turmberg cable car, which has been climbing the mountain since 1888.

For three weeks, the participants in our language summer camp on the Turmberg live in 2- or 3-bed rooms with shower and bathroom together with young people from all over the world. Friendships, which can easily span the planet, are often started with being roommates here. Since we are living in a sports school, our students will find many opportunities to do sports after the intense German lessons. There are three soccer fields, a beach facility, three indoor sports halls, a gymnastics room with a mirror wall, a wrestling and judo room, an indoor swimming pool and a regular gym with modern fitness machines.

Both the German lessons and a lot of sport use up a lot of energy, which is why we serve three meals a day.  Each meal has a vegetarian option, if desired. With 28 lessons each week, our students will see fast progress in their German language skills in a short time. They can then use their new knowledge on day trips, for example to Baden-Baden and the Black Forest.


Old town of Durlach Photo: Colourbox.de

Old town of Durlach

The pretty town near Karlsruhe is ideal for your first contact to Germany. Be sure not to miss seeing the Turmbergbahn.

Residential city Heidelberg Photo: iStock

Residential city Heidelberg

Heidelberg is known for its picturesque old town. The highlight of the city is, of course, the castle, one of the most famous ruins in Germany

Karlsruhe Photo: Colourbox.de/Hunter Bliss Images


The baroque planned city is not only the German “residence of law” but is also distinguished by its cultural diversity.

Black Forest, Baden and Baroque

Karlsruhe is one of the youngest cities in Germany. It was built from 1715 onwards according to a fixed plan and is today considered a fine example of baroque architecture. Karlsruhe was the residence of the Margrave of Baden back then. Today, the Federal Constitutional Court is located in Karlsruhe. Our language camp participants can get to know the place during an exciting city rally.

South of Karlsruhe begins the Black Forest, famous worldwide for the cuckoo clock, dense forests and beautiful mountain landscapes. The old spa town of Baden-Baden and the famous university town of Heidelberg are also close by. Our language camp students can have a great time in the immediate vicinity, as well: In the Waldseilpark Karlsruhe they can have a walk high up in the treetops, for hot summer days the nearby open-air swimming pool is just the place to cool off after a day of German lessons.   

Further information

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps Photo: Goethe-Institut/Thomas Koy

“We manage to get along with each other on the courses in a peaceful, happy and tolerant manner – so you think to yourself: it's not that difficult and it must be possible for the rest of the world to manage!”

Hannah, 23, supervisor on the youth camps

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