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Recent Projects

Film Poster Paris Calligrammes for Goethe-Kino © Ulrike Ottinger

Goethe-Kino 2022

Goethe-Kino is our monthly series of contemporary German cinema, outstanding TV productions and film classics. All movies are shown with English subtitles unless otherwise specified.

Living in a quantum state Key Visual mischen

Redefining narratives around emerging technologies
Living in a quantum state

What exactly is quantum computing and how will it impact our everyday lives? "Living in a Quantum State" will engage audiences around the world in debates and ask important ethical and ecological questions about quantum computing. 

Goethe Morph* Icelande key visual © Goethe-Institut

How we always wanted to have lived
Goethe Morph* Iceland

Throughout 2022, the trans-cultural art initiative Goethe Morph* Iceland invited artists and art collectives in Iceland, Germany, Kenya, Mali, and around the world to artistically explore How we always wanted to have lived. The different projects will come together in September 2022 when artists, thinkers, and creators meet to put their artistic and curatorial practices, workshops, performances, conversations, and public research in dialogue with each other at The Nordic House in Reykjavík.

A photo of Dan Hicks with the logo © Dan Hicks


Author and curator Dan Hicks, best known for his book The Brutish Museums (2020), takes stock of the debate around the enduring legacies of empire in our museums, universities and society at large. In this episode, he talks about recent events in Europe and North America, from removing statues and un-naming buildings to returning artefacts from colonial museums. As a society how can we make amends for the past? And what are the next steps for upholding antiracism in the future?

Black and White photo of institut in Germany Michael Friedel

Past Projects

Interested in finding out more about our previous programmes? Here you can browse through our archive.