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Literary Discussion: Sisters in Arms

Shida Bazyar © Shida Bazyar
In a compelling in-conversation event on 8 February 2024, we were immersed in Sisters in Arms, an explosive feminist and anti-racist novel by acclaimed author Shida Bazyar. The novel was translated into English in October by distinguished translator Ruth Martin, who also joined in the discussion. The event was chaired by New Books in German's director Sarah Hemens. 

"This timely novel follows the deep and unwavering bond between three women as they confront systemic racism, white and male privilege, and the resurgence of the far-right in Germany. Sisters in Arms opens with a tabloid-style newspaper article accusing a young, allegedly radicalised Muslim woman, Saya M., of starting a fire in a building which left many dead. The novel’s narrator, Kasih, then explains what really happened."

Review by New Books in German

As a follow up from the Q&A session, we spoke to Shida, Ruth and Sarah to find out more about how literature can help us address pressing socio-political concerns. The three YouTube interviews can be found below.