Fading Memories

Fading Memroies - Key image © Goethe-Institut. Design: Heike Sinn

Privacy and Data Ownership in the Digital Age

The social, political and economic future is determined globally by the evolution of digital technologies. The boundaries between the analogue and digital spheres have become increasingly blurred, and the digital has become an integral part of our actual reality.

Fading memories devoted a year of international events to the themes of privacy and data ownership in the digital age against the backdrop of developments in the countries of north-western Europe.

Fading Memories - Private Freiheit und Überwachung © Goethe-Institut. Design: Heike Sinn

Personal Freedom and Surveillance

Security and freedom are both basic rights that are not always compatible. When it comes to surveillance, the balance seems particularly hard to achieve.

Fading Memories - Regulierung © Goethe-Institut. Design: Heike Sinn


Technological developments continue to present challenges to legislators. International requirements rub up against national conditions. What are the opportunities and the limits of regulation by governments?

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Everyday Algorithms

Algorithms: they determine our search results, write journalistic texts and calculate the shortest way to our destination. They are hidden in countless electronic devices, which are increasingly connected – not only to the Internet, but also to each other. What are the consequences for our everyday lives?