Øyvind Sagåsen

Øyvind Sagåsen - Fact Gallery Øyvind Sagåsen Øyvind Sagåsen - Fact | Illustration: CC BY-NC-ND


We are experiencing a time refered to as "post-fact", where political leaders will and can say and mean anything, regardless of whether it is based on facts or not.
This is a slippery slope for society, as actions are taken based on these statements. Information is flowing fast through the veins of the web, and few are willing or able to research these utterings. It is far easier and quicker to just respond and pass them on.

“The media desk“

It's been a trend here in Norway for many (not all) established media corporations to panic in the face of the transistion to digital platforms.
The result is that more editors are now click-chasing instead of doing investigative and critical journalism. Sensations generate more ad-clicks than trying to explain complex issues, and thus further the entreanchment of both the left and the right.