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The GIMAGINE Award is an innovative, digital self-learning platform for German learners, aimed at young learners aged 14 to 18 in the UK!

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About the award

The Gimagine Award is a highly engaging, innovative self-learning platform for young learners (14 – 18 years of age), equipping them with beginner German skills and current global knowledge about a broad range of topics.

By completing modules, participants collect points that lead to the GIMAGINE Award Certificate – an official certificate stating their achievements issued by the Friends of the Goethe-Institut London and the Goethe-Institut London.

Offering both a fun, interactive Teaser German course and an Advanced German course, the Award caters for different levels and encourages learners to pick up German from scratch and/or deepen their language skills where applicable. Our global learning modules engage learners through interactive multimedia activities and quizzes, diving into topics spanning from sustainable consumption, urban living and quantum computing to music and architecture, diversity, poetry translation and many more, all linking back to German(y) and the globalised world we live in. Global learning modules will be offered on a pick-and-choose basis, enabling learners to really focus on the themes that interest them most.

Gimagine Award (Starter version): Now available for classroom groups!

Your classroom group can now participate in the Gimagine Award! At the moment, the platform offers a German Starter* course for early learners of German as well as a broad range of global learning modules.
The Gimagine Award is an ideal extracurricular activity for your students, or can be used in an afternoon club or in the classroom.

*German Booster Course for advanced learners coming in late spring 2024.

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‘First Finishers’ Gimagine Award Prize

Win an invite for your classroom group* to the German Embassy’s Sommerfest der deutschen Sprache 2024 this July in London!
Be one of the first classroom groups to complete the Gimagine Award to win an invitation to the German Embassy’s Sommerfest der deutschen Sprache 2024, where you will be awarded the “First Finishers – Gimagine Award” by the German Ambassador.

How does it work?
  1. Request a free Gimagine Award classroom license:
  2. All students of your group complete 10 German Starter modules & 5 global modules (approx. 15 hours)
  3. Your classroom group submits a short video (30 sec. – 1 min.) or text (approx. 150 words) explaining what they most enjoyed about the Gimagine Award
Deadline: 9th June 2024, all submissions to ‘

What is the prize?
As the ‘First Finishers of the Gimagine Award’, you will be invited to the Sommerfest der deutschen Sprache of the German Embassy in London on 1st July, where you will participate in an official Award ceremony. Travel costs will be covered by the Goethe-Institut London.

*Only state schools are eligible for participation

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