German Expert Mentors (GEMs)

Our German Expert Mentors (GEMs) Network delivers support to German departments and professional upskilling to German teachers in schools across England. Part of a nationwide network, our GEMs will coach and mentor language-teaching professionals, supply updated teaching resources and materials, and re-energise language learning with free-of-charge, bespoke offers that can be tailored to individual needs upon request. The GEM Network is a sister initiative of the NCLE Hub schools, and, as part of GIMAGINE, is supported by the UK`s Department of Education and Germany's Foreign Office.

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Book a GEM free of charge

Our GEMs are experienced and effective German teachers from across England. Their role is to work with fellow teachers and communities to provide bespoke training opportunities, coaching and action planning to support the teaching and learning of German.

GEMs provide bespoke offers and professional training to strengthen existing programs and to build new capacity so that all students who wish to learn German and connect with the German-speaking world have access to high quality language education in German.

Support from the GEMs is offered free of charge as part of the GIMAGINE programme. If you would like to book a GEM, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted to discuss this further. It would really help us if you could be as specific as possible about your issues, hopes and expectations.

Bespoke offers for your needs

Our GEMs provide the support you request. They have a diverse set of professional specialisations, which we will match with your needs. Learn here, what we can offer.

A support network near you

How can our German Expert Mentors (GEMs) support you?

The GEM programme is designed to provide support where it is needed. Our GEMs provide knowledge and resources in unison with your communicated request.

If you teach German, our GEMs will ...

  • help you to learn about the programmes, projects, and events that support the excellence of teaching and learning German in England
  • provide you with coaching and bespoke support, in-house or online
  • provide teaching support using our bespoke offers

If you are a Headteacher, Subject-Leader or Head of Languages, our GEMs assist with ...

  • implementing curricular and co-curricular offerings in German or programmes in your school
  • providing bespoke professional development for your German teachers
  • joint action planning

Virtual Information Sessions

We will be running monthly information sessions for teachers where you can find out more about our bespoke training offers and ways in which you can get involved in the GIMAGINE programme. Our sessions will also provide you with an opportunity to network with other German teachers from across the country.

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Our offers for professional development for teachers

The first round of GEMs has now been selected and is ready for dispatch across England to your school. If you are a German teacher and interested in advancing your career further, have a look at our other initiatives for professional development.

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