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Nicolas Mahler: “Komplett Kafka” (Completely Kafka)© Nicolas Mahler, Suhrkamp Verlag

Poster Exhibition
„Komplett Kafka“

This comic poster exhibition introduces young learners of German to Kafka and his works as well as the art of Nicolas Mahler, and also brings the themes addressed by Kafka into the world we live in today. This makes it possible to promote language learning through cultural themes.  

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The poster exhibition at one glance

What: Komplett Kafka, Comic Poster Exhibition

Learning Topics: 
  • The life and work of Franz Kafka 
  • „Komplett Kafka“ is a graphic novel by Nicolas Mahler 
  • German-language art and culture  
  • Learning languages with a cultural hook
  • More information below
For whom: German learners and German teachers

Language level: A2 - C1

Preview and learning- & teaching materials

Nicolas Mahler mit seinem Buchcover: Komplett Kafka © Profil Mahler: M. Werner | © Buchcover: Mahler / Suhrkamp

Learning and Teaching Materials “Komplett Kafka”

From A2 to C1, the Goethe-Institut offers teaching and learning materials on the life of Franz Kafka and his most important works. The poster exhibition and all other learning materials are protected by copyright and may only be used for German lessons.

Content and detailled learning information


  • Talking about fears, self-perception and external perception
  • Childhood and biographies 
  • Understanding a newspaper interview  
  • Talking about clothes  
  • Orientation on a city map and travel planning  
  • Writing stories and comics  
  • Profession and vocation, holding conversations  
  • Making assumptions and holding discussions  
  • Expressing opinions and writing a formal letter 
  • Describing people and profiles  
  • Literary texts - optimism, pessimism, realism  
  • Writing a diary  

About the exhibition

Why is Franz Kafka's magic unbroken one hundred years after his death? Why do we still perceive Kafka as so modern and contemporary? To mark the 100th anniversary of his death, Franz Kafka will be honoured in 2024 with a series of cultural events based around his works.  
These include the comic book ‘Komplett Kafka’, which Austrian comic artist Nicolas Mahler is publishing with Suhrkamp Verlag in the Kafka anniversary year 2024 and which is touring the world as an exhibition. Mahler's book is a mixture of a biography of Kafka and brief introductions to Franz Kafka's most important works.  
The German-speaking Prague writer Franz Kafka, who died in 1924 at the age of forty, has long been regarded as one of the founders of modern literature. Particularly in Europe, but also worldwide, he continues to fascinate readers, puzzle researchers and provide publishers with plenty of material. Despite its complexity, Kafka's work has made the leap from textbooks and academic circles into the wider digital world. His complete works, including the most personal ones such as his diaries and correspondence, are freely available online. Generation Z has made Kafka a star on TikTok and Twitter. This unbroken fascination with Kafka is expressed in the wealth of contemporary art inspired by his person and his work.  
Based on Kafka's topicality and to mark the anniversary of his death, the Goethe-Institut has designed a didactic programme for young learners of German to accompany the exhibition, which on the one hand introduces them to Kafka and his works as well as the art of Nicolas Mahler, and on the other hand brings the themes addressed by Kafka into the world in which they live today. This makes it possible to promote language learning through cultural themes.  

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