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Young Goethe Scheme

Our Young Goethe Scheme offers primary and secondary school German teachers in the UK the opportunity to invite university and A-Level students of German into their classrooms to inspire and motivate younger students to continue with German at GCSE and beyond. Any school in the UK is eligible to participate - all you need to do is contact us and we will try to match you up with an ambassador near you.

Young Goethe Scheme goes virtual!

The Young Goethe Scheme initiative will continue online in January & February 2022. Invite a German ambassador for a live online presentation and discussion into your virtual classroom. As always, the virtual Young Goethe Scheme visits will be tailored to the needs of your students. We hope in-person visits will be possible from March 2022.

For German Teachers

Would you like to motivate your students to keep studying German? Invite our Young Goethe Ambassadors into your classroom. Students who are currently studying German at A-Level or University in the UK are excited to meet you and your students.

Young Goethe Ambassadors are student role models who promote the benefits of learning German to young people and encourage younger students to learn German and choose German as an option at GCSE, A-Level and beyond. They are prepared to share their own experiences of learning German and how they overcame any challenges of learning German.

Register here


Any teacher at a primary or secondary school in the UK can participate in the programme.
Young Goethe Ambassadors could be invited to: 
  • Give a presentation to your students about their experiences of learning German 
  • Talk about what it is like to study German at GCSE, A-Level and university 
  • Offer Q and A sessions about the benefits of learning German 
  • Do a motivating quiz about learning German with a group of students
Please fill out the registration form at least 2 weeks before your preferred date and time and we find you an ambassador whose schedule and interests match yours. And that’s it! We’ll also ask you to send us some feedback on the visit because we’re constantly trying to improve the programme.   
None! The Ambassadors are volunteers and don't expect any pay. 
Our ambassadors are not certified teachers, but they’ll prepare for their presentation and will appreciate it, if you also prepare the visit with your students. Go over any questions  your students may want to ask in advance and help facilitate the discussion during the event.

Important: please note that a teacher from your school must be present at all times during the Young Goethe Ambassador's talk.
Please fill out the above registration form for teachers at least 2 weeks before your preferred date and time.


  • Pupils and teacher in classroom Julia Sanitt ©Mill Hill School
    Mill Hill School, London: 'The pupils all said how fun it had been and they learnt so much. We thought Bethan was absolutely great and a natural teacher!' Julia Sanitt

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