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German cinema for your classroom
German for young people

Film rental

Das Leben der Anderen © Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion
We have a number of great German movies for you to show in your German classroom.
Das Wunder von Bern, Pünktchen und Anton, Das fliegende Klassenzimmer and Sophie Scholl- Die letzten Tage come with a CD with teaching resources you can use straight away. With prepared film snippets the movies can be analysed and cultural contents can be worked out in class. All movies are in German with English subtitles.  

For the other listed titles materials are available as a free download below.

You would like to use one of the movies with the materials in your class? No problem, you can loan the DVD for up to two weeks for your school. The only cost you will have is the postage for returning the movie to us. Please note that the DVD needs to be returned to us within one week after the end of your booked period. For every additional day we charge £2.

How to order?
Schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland Please send  an email to the Goethe-Institut London with the title of the film, your school details and the date you require the film
Schools in Scotland Please send an email to the Goethe-Institut Glasgow with the title of the film, your school details and the date you require the film. Please note: a free library membership is required prior to using this service. To avoid disappointment please allow at least a week from ordering the film to its screening date. 

Movies for Primary Schools:

Movies for Secondary Schools: