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Learn German with Songs

Songbook Learn German with Songs Songbook Learn German with Songs | Photo: © Goethe-Institut London

"Learn German with Songs" is a songbook with accompanying CD for children aged 5- 11. It is written by Martina Schwarz and published by the Goethe-Institut London. The book and CD feature 13 songs (with karaoke versions) with notated melody lines, guitar chords and lyrics. The songs provide a wealth of possibilities for use in German lessons for key stages 1 and 2.

Each song is accompanied by a motivational worksheet which can be used in a creative and playful way during German lessons, and provides specially tailored suggestions for teaching methods, e.g. role plays, dance activities and picture stories.

So, for example, topics like the days of the week and numbers, animals, toys, the body, instruments and greetings are covered in the songs.

Teachers from England, Wales and Northern Ireland can order book and CD directly from our online shop.

Download translations of all the songs free of charge here: