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Kinder mit Buechern teaser© Colourbox

German for children

This page features free-of-charge materials for teaching young children. Learn how to teach CLIL, combine German and STEM or bring techniques of mindfulness into your German classroom. Brush up on the theory and methods of teaching this age group.

German with...

Felix Franzi © Goethe-Institut

German with Felix and Franzi

Felix the Frog and Franzi the Lady Duck are two handpupetts who live in a typical German mailbox and tell stories abour their new home, England. Materials include videos, texts and extensive lesson plans. 

Karla und Kai © Goethe-Institut

German with Karla and Kai

Karla the Roach and Kai the Maybug take children on a journey. Materials include two books with six chapters each, videos, texts and lesson plans. 

The Language Magician

The Language Magician © Goethe-Institut London

The Language Magician

This new game will be fun for the children, build on their language and IT-skills and provide information on their progression.

Multimedia digital platforms

Kinderuni ©Goethe-Institut / Kids Interactive

German and Stem: The Digital Kinderuniversity

The Kinderuniversity is a free of charge online platform for children (age 8-12 years old), teachers, and parents. There are three topics -- humanities, natural sciences, and technology.

Voyage Kids ©UK-German Connection

voyage kids

A website packed with interactive activities for primary pupils in Germany and the UK.

Contemporary Germany

Kind mit Schultute Ronald Bonß © ZB - Fotoreport

Customs and Traditions

Interactive presentations for the German lesson with comprehensive teacher’s notes. Basic language and introduction to highlights in the German festive calendar. Suitable for non-specialists in Primary schools.

Film and Video

Fairy Tales on DVD

The ARD produced adaptions of the brothers Grimm’s classic fairy tales. The films were shot at romantic castles and in enchanted forests all over Germany.

Kurz & Gut macht Schule II: animated Short Films

Gut macht Schule II is a selection of great animated short films from Germany, which can be easily integrated in German classes.

Music and Arts

Song book © Goethe-Institut London

Learn German with Songs

The songbook of Martina Schwarz provides you with many ideas for the use of music in class.

Song book © Goethe-Institut London

Learn More German with Songs

The second volume of Martina Schwarz' songbook for German in primary schools is a great addition to your German lessons.

The musicians of Bremen © Goethe-Institut

Fairytales in the German Classroom

Our fairytale website offers ideas, tips and guidelines for teaching fairytales in the German classroom. Here you will find exercises for learners of all language levels including primary.

Reading-Marathon: Lesekiste

This exciting project "Lesekiste" aims to motivate pupils to take part in a "Reading-Marathon" and to tackle books in German.

German for your classroom

Advertising Kits © Goethe-Institut / Bettina Siegwart

Advertising Kits

Order standardized advertising kits: infomational brochures, printed material to help grow your German program, fun items to decorate your classroom or small prizes to motivate your students. 

The Lives of Others © Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion (München)

German cinema for your classroom

We have a number of great German movies for you to show in your German classroom. All movies are in German with English subtitles.

Additional Materials

'FUNology' for Primary Classes

It’s time for fun and laughter: Here you can 'browse' through our game collection: Exercises for fun dialogues, activity games, ring games, vocabulary games etc.

German in the Nursery

These Teaching Modules have been developed and piloted by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow in order to introduce German to very young learners.