Teacher Training German Teachers' Day for Primary School Teachers

Three teachers are working with post-its on a glass wall. © Getty Images

Sat, 08.07.2023

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Deutschlehrer*innentag für Primarschullehrkräfte

We would like to invite you to the German Teachers' Day for primary school teachers at the Goethe-Institut London. The motto of this day is "Motivation for teaching and learning German". 

In interactive workshops you will try out new activities for motivating German lessons in the primary school classroom and improve your methodical and dicactic knowlegde. You will also learn about newly developed materials for teaching German to children and have the opportunity to share your teaching practice and best practice examples with other teachers.
What we offer what you learn
Workshops: Phonetics Experience engaging activities on German phonetics and pronunciation
Workshop: Learning German through movements Experience engaging activities to motivate young learners to learn German through dynamic activities
Workshop: Teaching German with Felix & Franzi Get familiar with the Goethe-Institut’s Felix & Franzi Key Stage 2 course and exchange language teaching practice
Workshop: The Digital Kinderuniversity Get familiar with the materials and combine German and STEM for motivating classes
Workshop: Teaching in German – rituals and routines for the German classroom Deliver German lessons using the target language for everyday communication and classroom management

Target group are primary school teachers who teach German and are available to participate the whole day.

Primary school teachers who teach German in England can apply for a travel grant under the GIMAGINE project.
Travel expenses of minimum 20 GBP and maximum 75 GBP can be reimbursed upon presentation of the invoice and ticket after the event.

Registration deadline: July, 6th, 2023.

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