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Our exams

Do you need certification or a diploma for work, study or a visa? Would you like to know the level of your knowledge of German? The Goethe-Institut offers internationally recognised proficiency. Registeration for an exam is not subject to attending a language course at the Goethe-Institut. You can register as an external candidate as long as you think that you meet the language requirements. The overview of Goethe-Institut examination and course levels can tell you which exam is designed for which level. The Goethe-Institut Glasgow offers the certificate exams twice a year: in January/February and in June.

- We offer online registration.

- If you have already taken a course or exam at the Goethe-Institut you will require your customer number for online registration (can be requested from the Language Office).
1 Goethe-Institut exam guidelines and procedures apply ( ) 1.1 The exam must be taken in its entirety. Exceptions are Goethe-Zertifikat B1, B2  and Goethe-Zertifikat C2. All exam candidates take the written and oral exam on the same day (except, in some cases, C2). All candidates must provide proof of their identity before both the written and oral exam.

1.2 After the expiration of the cancellation period (14 days after booking the exam) any exam postponements will only be allowed in extraordinary cases, including the following: illness documented with medical verification; family emergency, such as a death in the family, which may require verification. Notification of postponements must be given in writing prior to the exam date. This will incur an administration fee.

1.3 If the exam candidate does not sit the written and/or oral exam or arrives too late at the exam location, he will be disqualified from taking the exam. The exam fees are non-refundable. No exam result will be published.

1.4 In cases where a candidate is disqualified from the exam (see exam regulations, §12) the exam fees are non-refundable.

1.5 For exam candidates who have special needs which must be taken into consideration in order for the exam requirements to be fulfilled, it is possible for the exam centre to take measures which accommodate an individual’s particular requirements, provided that written notification and a doctor’s certificate have been submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the examination date. Please check details with your exam centre.

1.6 If exam certificates are lost, duplicates will not be issued. If the exam was taken within the last ten years, the Goethe-Institut Glasgow can issue a substitute document for a fee.

1.7 The personal details of exam candidates will not be given to third parties.
2 Registration
2.1 The Goethe-Institut Glasgow is not responsible for registration masks/forms which are not filled in correctly.

2.2 The registration, including payment and completed registration, must be received by the Goethe-Institut Glasgow by the final date of registration (if sending by post, the date shown on postmark will be accepted as the date on which the registration was posted).

2.3 Candidates only have the right to take an exam if they have registered in the correct way and by the deadlines specified. Late registrations will not be accepted. Exam fees will be refunded in such cases.
3 Letter for exam candidates
3.1 One week prior to the exam date, exam candidates whose applications have been accepted will receive an email with the schedule of the exam.
4 Results and certificates
4.1 Candidates who pass the exam will receive their certificate within 30 days. This applies to the exams A1 to C1. The results of the C2 exam might take longer because it involves a marking process by the exam centre at Head Office.  Postal addresses based in the UK must be provided on the exam date. The exam candidate must be contactable at this address. The exam centre must be informed of any changes to candidates’ addresses.

5 Requests of changes to the exam procedures
Requests of changes to the standard exam procedure and organisation can be considered, but only if special circumstances apply and if the changes can be accommodated by the Institute. A fee might be applicable. and the amount depends on the nature of the request.
Subject to alteration.
Here are the general terms and conditions for taking part in an exam of the Goethe-Institut.Exam guideline
If you have questions about our exams, we can offer you advice and assistance. Our exam teacher will offer personal consultation dates prior to our exam dates.