Performance Folding Europe

Towel Art by Hen & Mai © Quast & Knoblich

Sat, 30.03.2019 -
Sun, 31.03.2019

Lancaster Gate Hotel

A Towel Art Convention

Reading the newspapers and watching TV makes you feel dull and sad? Towel art is the answer to all your problems! The Berlin based towel artists Hen & Mai will enlighten your day by showing you how towel folding is not only nerve calming but also good for coping with feelings of loss. Went on a date and they never called again? Fold a swan! The UK is leaving the EU? Towel art is the next big thing! This uplifting, site-specific theatre performance by artist duo Quast & Knoblich will give you the right technique to fold your misery away.

Saturday 30 March, 4 pm.
Sunday 31 March, 3 and 7 pm.

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