Poetry Festival European Poetry Festival

European Poetry Festival

Sun, 07.04.2019

7:30 PM


Performance Literature Sound Poetry

Back into the Mouth IKLECTIK Artlab celebrating Performance Literature Sound Poetry with new performances by Maja Jantar, Fabian Faltin, Léonce Lupette, Avgi Lilli, Alessandro Burbank, Dovydas Laurinaitis, Cosmin Perta, Yekta, Robert Elekes, Iga Maria Szczepańska, Pierre Alferi, Michael Fehr, Ida Borjel and Olga Stehlíková.

An event concentrating on the possibilities of sound and liveness in poetry, evidencing the remarkable renaissance in avant-garde and innovative practise across Europe. At the forefront of this movement are a series of poets exploring the possibilities of performance, space, time and voice - this is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the possibilities of an old art in a new century.

This event is part of the European Poetry Festival: At the time of the expected Brexit over 70 of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic literary and avant-garde poets come to London, Norwich, Manchester, and Dublin for 9 events over 2 weeks.

The Goethe-Institut London is delighted to support the participation of French-German poet Léonce Lupette.

Leónce W. Lupette is a French-German writer and translator who lives between Argentina and Germany. He studied Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Latin American Literature in Frankfurt and Buenos Aires. He is a coeditor of the literary e-zine karawa.net.

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