Competition series Digital Days

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Mon, 21.11.2016 -
Wed, 21.12.2016

Facebook, picture alliance © Jan Haas, Fotograf: Jan Haas, picture alliance / reality

The Goethe-Institut London invites German teachers and their pupils to take part in this competition series requiring language and computer skills alike! The topic this year is Digital D. Fun and steep learning curves are guaranteed when you take on one of the tasks.

Several categories for different levels of language skills are provided. Primary teachers and secondary teachers can choose which competition they think suits their students’ best.

You will be sent a USB-stick shortly before the competition start. All the categories are explained and the relevant materials are provided. The materials are also suitable for work offline.

All students taking part will receive a prize acknowledging their participation.

If you like to take part in the competition, please return the registration form by 10 November 2016 to:
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