Exhibtion / Workshops / Talks The Glass Room London by Tactical Tech

The Glass Room London - Tactical Tech © Tactical Tech

Wed, 25.10.2017 -
Sun, 12.11.2017

Charing Cross Road

69-71 Charing Cross Road

Is our data as unique as we are? Would you recognise your data?

The Glass Room is a disruptive tech store with nothing for sale. Instead, it challenges you to reconsider the technologies you use every day, how much they reveal about you, and what choices you can make in our quantified society.

A pop-up tech store with a twist, the Glass Room offers, at first glance, the latest in shiny digital consumer products, such as the newest tablet, fitness tracker or facial recognition software. But as you go inside, you’ll find there is nothing for sale.

Instead, as you look closer at the ‘products’ on display, you’ll see that they are playfully and provocatively selected to turn the technologies we all use on their head. The artworks, design pieces, and ‘Ingenius’ staff welcome you to take a look behind the screens into the hidden world of what happens to your data. Dig deeper into how much we reveal about ourselves by trying out free, alternative apps, taking away the 8-day Data Detox Kit, or interacting with our thematic programme of workshops and events.

For the full programme of talks, film screenings and discussions visit The Glass Room London!

The Glass Room is curated by Tactical Tech and produced by Mozilla.
Originally conceived and produced in the context of the exhibition “Nervous Systems” with support by Haus der Kulturen der Welt in the framework of “100 Years of Now”.