Performance Livestream Juliana Huxtable: Live Performance

Juliana Huxtable: I should be doing something else right now © Juliana Huxtable

Tue, 26.05.2020

18:00 - 18:30


I Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now

Experimenting with the production and editing tools to hand, six artists live stream a performance from home, responding to the provocation I Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now. A series of quick fire commissions from Studios artists exploring work, play and process.

Using the structures of music as mediums in her multi-media universe, Juliana is a DJ and musician singular in her approach. Where her visual art and poetry navigate the complexity of desire in a life increasingly mediated by technology, her music utilizes the sounds of technology itself to construct parallel realities to be inhabited and embodied in rhythm and harmonic tableaux.

Tune into the Live Stream:
I Should be Somewhere Else - Live Stream

This event is part of a series featuring Artist in Residence Juliana Huxtable.