Film Screening A Winter Journey

A Winter Journey UK Jewish Film Festival

Wed, 11.11.2020


Bruno Ganz’s final film is also one of the great actor’s most poignant. He plays Gunther Goldschmidt, a naturalised American citizen, who, during the course of a few days in  the mid-1990s, tells his son Martin the story behind his and his wife Rosemarie’s  escape from Germany in 1941. As gifted Jewish musicians and members of the Jewish Cultural League, they were hoping against hope that things would get better but the increasingly threatening atmosphere prompted them to leave in the nick of time.  Based on Martin Goldsmith’s book, which chronicles his father’s real life events, and featuring Martin’s voice, Winter Journey is a highly personal film, which tenderly explores the many losses–of family members, homeland, occupation–experienced by those who survived
The screening will be accompanied by a Q&A with Martin Goldsmith.
Germany 2019, 87 mins
Directed by Anders Østergaard and Erzsebet Racz