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Skene, Schweden
Marks Gymnasieskola

#FutureNow – Schulen für Nachhaltigkeit

Our school, Marks Gymnasieskola, is located in the quiet countryside of Kinna. It is not a big place, but since we do not have any other high schools nearby, we still have almost 1000 students.

We have a great variety of programs and in addition to five college preparatory programs, we have ten vocational programs with lots of specializations that you can study as an apprentice, as well as introductory programs and high school special school. We work a lot with international projects and now we are starting one with Hans Sachs Gymnasium in Nürnberg, via the Goethe institute and #FutureNow which involves the Sustainable Development Goals. The students who will be included in the project are a group of 10-15 students of the age of 16 who are learning German as a third language, but we aim for the Sustainable Development Goals to color more of the teaching that their class receives during the first year at school. We are looking forward to work with this project and to create new contacts and work partners, we are sure that this will be successful!