The International German Language Olympics 2018

Internationale Deutscholympiade 2018 Goethe-Institut For the third time Ireland will send two Transition Year pupils with an accompanying German Teacher (who will be chosen separately) to compete in the Internationale Deutscholympiade (IDO). The event will take place from July 15-28, 2018 in Freiburg, where more than 60 countries will compete.
The theme is as follows: 
”Meine Traumreise nach Deutschland”

A Jury will consider each presentation according to content, originality, creativity and language expression, and will choose between 10-20 of the most outstanding presentations. If you are within that group, you will receive an invitation to Dublin to take part in the National German Language Olympics in the Spring 2018 to compete with the other Finalists. Two participants will be chosen at that stage to represent Ireland in the Internationale Deutscholympiade 2018 in Freiburg!
The last Deutscholympiade in 2016 showed that the competition is not just about competing for the title. More important is the cultural exchange between students of German from all around the world. Contacts and friendships that develop will form a lifelong international network.

  • Theme for your Presentation:  „Meine Traumreise nach Deutschland“
  • IDO: July 15-28, 2018 in Freiburg
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