Stephanie Scheubeck & Ferdinand Kumpfmüller at Light Moves Festival of Screendance

spectra (c) Stephanie Scheubeck

Thu, 02.11.2017 -
Sun, 05.11.2017

Dance Limerick

John's Square


TLight Moves Festival of Screendance is Ireland’s international festival of dance on film. Light Moves presents feature screenings, short films, invited works and open submissions, as well as a Screendance Lab and Symposium with some of the most respected figures in the field. The Light Moves Screendance Lab is a practical workshop which offers participants valuable opportunities to interrogate and explore questions around making dance film works. The Light Moves Screendance Symposium encourages artistic and scholarly exchange, debate and discussion in screendance and related disciplines including performance, dance, film, visual arts, sound/music and text.

Director Stephanie Scheubeck and composer Ferdinand Kumpfmüller will be present for the screening of their film "spectra", a film that questions the way we perceive the world and focuses on the uniqueness of human perception. The film evolves around the individual processing of information received through the senses. "spectra" is inspired by the director’s research into the relationship between synaesthesia, dance and embodiment as well as her intention to promote diversity in society by the example of synaesthesia.


03 November 2017, 3-4 pm

Idea/concept: Stephanie Scheubeck
Director/choreographer: Stephanie Scheubeck
Perfomer/co-choreographer: Marlène Colle
Sound: Kavall
Music: Ferdinand Kumpfmüller
Colour, 4'23 min., Germany 2017

As part of the Short Film Programme 1: ’Intersections: Films exploring tensions, territories and time’
05 November 2017, 9 am–1 pm,
‘Not Just…’

Director: Anna Highway
With Stephanie Scheubeck

As part of the Light Moves Symposium

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Supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland