Dharmendra Prasad

About the Actant

Dharmendra Prasad © Dharmendra Prasad
© Dharmendra Prasad
Dharmendra Prasad was born in between stories, discriminations, hierarchies, chaos and silence, full of winds and dusts, without any address. After completing his MFA degree in painting from the University of Hyderabad he returned to Assam in search of utopia. In the process he encountered ecology as a library and harvest as the philosophical ground for his practice. After graduating from the S.N. School of Arts and Communications, University of Hyderabad Prasad collaborated with rural communities in Assam. His works involve the participation of different occupational backgrounds, particularly farmers and artisans. Through multiple notions of landscapes, he addresses themes of ecology, history, material culture, water bodies, unscripted and occupational narratives, agrarian spaces and its countless conflicts in the context of multiple social/global crisis.

Harvest Laboratory © Dharmendra Prasad
© Dharmendra Prasad
Late Harvest
is about re-imagining the future through rural philosophy and indigenous knowledge systems. The project will happen in the Indian urban context. A post harvest site/structure will be developed as a part of Late Harvest  to initiate performative processes; it is a translation of the harvest process and the concept of ‘site’ from agrarian to post agricultural society. Late Harvest  will emerge as a fluid space of potential in which its character moves from site to performative, from physical to conceptual, from fictional to functional, from primitive to modern and from dystopia to utopia. It will take place in an architectural space, a site (vertical or horizontal) installation, which will be inspired by the concept of harvest spaces that exist in the rural knowledge system (khet/Kharihaan).