Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadescha

About the Actants

Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadesha © Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadesha
© Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha-Fadesha
Vidisha- Fadescha is an artist-curator working with creative public pedagogy towards an inclusive and sustainable future. She has worked with various queer and feminist networks. She co-founded ‘Sive’ a transdisciplinary collective to build a dialogue around caste and gender. She is a founding member of Coven Code, an all femme creative sound collective in Delhi.                                                                                                                              
Shaunak Mahbubani is a nomadic curator interested in complicating the boundaries between the artwork and the viewer through the deployment of participatory devices, diffusions, and the use of non-white cube spaces. They primarily create projects within the framework of the series ‘Allies for the Uncertain Futures’, looking at alternative possibilities of being through the lens of non-duality.

Queer Futures Potluck Party © Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha- Fadesha
© Shaunak Mahbubani & Vidisha-Fadesha
The Sixth of September holds the intersection of multiple threads within the Indian queer rights struggle, a much needed moment of celebration, a recognition of the multiple lives spent and lost to reach this point, but also importantly a moment to come together and feel the paths in which queer futures could manifest. This moment needs a space where we can reimagine the new directions for our Indian movement. Legal frameworks have created fractures between those fighting for the expansion of gender and sexuality legitimacies, and we seek to envisage an environment that can anchor queerness in the desire for solidarity. Queer Futures Potluck Party is a celebration, identifying regional histories of gender nonconformity, and co-creating ephemeral utopia as a form of resistance.