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Awdhesh Tamrakar
Five Million Incidents

Heads In The Cloud V2.0

About the Actant

Awdhesh Tamrakar © Awdhesh Tamrakar © Awdhesh Tamrakar Born and brought up in Shahgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India, Awdhesh Tamrakar completed is M.V.A. (2015) and B.V.A. (2013) from the Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University, Baroda. He was the recipient of the Gold Medal from the Department of Sculpture (2015) and Chinmoy Pramanik Memorial Award (2015). Awdhesh has participated in various exhibitions and residency programmes, including a solo show Unfastened Association at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda (2016)  and group shows such as Madhyama curated by Akhilesh esh, Raza Foundation, Delhi, ID-ENTITY Curated by Zero Gravity Collective, New Delhi. He is presently guest faculty at the Department of Fine Arts, S. N. School of Arts and Communication, Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad.

Heads in the Cloud © Awdhesh Tamrakar © Awdhesh Tamrakar Heads in the Cloud is an interactive site-specific work. It is designed to question our notions of viewing and our experience of space in everyday life. Gadgets and technologies are supposed to bridge the gap between the time and space, but our deep dependency on these gadgets and technologies move us further from the immediate tangible world pushing us towards a virtually stimulated life. As the virtual world becomes a blindfold, we are increasingly amazed to feel reality through virtuality. Using an augmented reality-based app which mixes virtual elements to the actual surroundings, Awdhesh attempts to bring the reality noticed through the virtuality to the fore.